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Product Description

1.Hints for alarming.After the car parks 10 seconds,the siren will beep 3 times to remind
the car owner to arm the car.
2.Anti-theft warning.Under arming status,if door triggering and ACC truggering, the siren
will keep sound and the direction light will keep flash,the engine will be cut off,if the
car body is bumped slightly,the siren will chirp 5 times and the direction light will falsh
5 times;if the car body be bumped continuously,the siren will chirp 15 seconds and the
direction light will flash 15 seconds.
3.Warning of improper closed of doors.
If the doors are not closed properly,the direction light will flash 3 times to remind the
car owner.
4.Auto re-arming.After press the Unlock Signmark button,if you don't open the door in 25
seconds. the doors will be locked automatically and re-armed.
5.Stop siren temporarily.If alarm system is triggred,the siren will sound.By press the
Lock Signmark button to stop the siren temporarily but the system is still in arming status.
6.Auto central door lock.When driving,press the Lock of Unlock signmark
button to lock or unlock the doors,but the alarm system will not be set work.Turn on the Ignition
after closing the car doors in proper way,after 15 seconds,step on the footbrake
and the car doors will be locked automatically.The car doors will automatically
unlock when the key is taken out of the ignition switch.
7.Anti-hijacking.In driving,the key on ACC ON position,press the Horn signmark button,
and the direction light will flash rapidly;this is the first step of anti-hijacking.
In 30 seconds,press the Lock signmark button once,the direction light stop flash,
the engine will cut off in 15 seconds,meanwhile,the direction light flashing
urgently, the siren sound continuously. Press the Unlock signmark button exit
anti-hijacking mode.
8.Over-taking.In driving,press the Bell signmark button for 3 seconds,the direction
light will flash urgently 30 seconds,the siren will sound 30 seconds.
9.Trunk release.Press the Unlock signmark button for 3 seconds for this function.
10.Code learning.Open the door,step always on the footbrake,turn ACC form "Off"
position to "On" position 5 times and keep "On" position,now the direction light
stop flash,press any key of the remote controller,the siren chirp once,lidicating
that a new code is stored.You can code another new remote controller by repeating
the same procedure.This system can be learnt up tp 4 remotes.
11.Emergency override.If the remote controller is damaged or lost,you can follow
this way for emergency release:use the key open the door,now the siren keep sound
and direction light keep flash;turn the key from ACC OFF position to ON position
10 times,the siren stop sound and direction light stop flash,indicating the car
exit the armed mode.

1.Auto central lock
2.Sound On Lock & Unlock
3.Remote Car finding function
4.Warning of opening anti-theft function
5.Shock sensor
6.Power off memory
7.Emergency disarm
8.Warning of improper closed of doors
9.Warning of abnormal situation
10.Transfer for the sound and silent
11.Truck release function
13.Code learning mode
14.LED indicator

Package Included:
1 X Car Alarm 2 X Remote Fobs 1 X Shock Sensor
1 X Dash LED Light 1 X Immobiliser Relay 1 X Siren
2 X Main Unit 1 X User Manual 2 X Adhesive Tape
Universal Vehicle Central Locking Remote Kit Car Alarm Immobiliser Shock SensorUniversal Vehicle Central Locking Remote Kit Car Alarm Immobiliser Shock SensorUniversal Vehicle Central Locking Remote Kit Car Alarm Immobiliser Shock SensorUniversal Vehicle Central Locking Remote Kit Car Alarm Immobiliser Shock SensorUniversal Vehicle Central Locking Remote Kit Car Alarm Immobiliser Shock Sensor

Main Unit
Output CurrentSignal light 5A*2,siren 10A,Central lock 10A
CodingLearning code
Static CurrentLess than 15mA
Shock Sensor CurrentLess than 1mA
Remote Controller
Static Current0mA
Coding TimesMore than 1 million

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